Wednesday, May 27, 2009


"My name is Niki David and this past Saturday my husband and I brought a 4yr. old St. Bernard named Bam to be fostered by someone with Teddy's Rescue.We had rescued Bam from the Dayton area and were hopeful that we were going to be able to give her home; however, they dogs that we currently have in the home were not very accepting of her. The end result was us not being able to keep Bam. I was told about your organization by someone that heard our story about Bam, and your volunteers were able to very quickly match us up with a foster home.Bam is such a sweet dog and it brings tears to my eyes everything I think of her. She will make someone an excellent companion! I believe that she was neglected in her previous home..she only weighs 102lbs. and is very skinny. She also had a few minor health issues that we got taken care of at the vet on Saturday morning.I am not sure how your organization works, but my husband and I would really like it if we were able to get updates on Bam. If the foster mommy would be willing to email us that would be excellent. I really think that Bam is a special girl and we just want to be able to see the wonderful things that she does in someones life. She has already changed our and she was only in our family for 24 hrs.I have attached some pictures that I was able to get of her if you would want to use any of them on the website, or if the foster mom would like to have them.Thank you so much for everything that Teddy's Rescue is doing to give these beautiful loving animals a chance at a better life! You are truly special people!Nathan & Niki David"

This is a 7" x 5" oil on fine art canvas panel . A lovely addition to any home. Proceeds from the sale of this painting will go to Teddy's Rescue.

thank you, Sheila

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Artie Needs a forever Home

Artie is a Red Tick Coon dog and approximately 5 years old. He is crate trained, house trained, and he rings a bell when he has to go to the bathroom. Artie is laid back and very friendly with people and other dogs. He tolerates cats but he will chase them if given the chance. He doesn't like loud noises like trains or thunderstorms but with some re-assurance he will stay calm. Artie loves to eat! When he is hungry you will see him dance. He loves the outdoors and does great in a fenced in yard. Artie is quickly learning to walk on a leash and loves sniffing all the new scents. Artie is an awesome pal with a great personality!

This painting is 6" square on fine art canvas board. Be the first to get it and help the Rescue. $110.00 20% of sale will go to Teddy's Rescue.
Thanks, Sheila

Art Work For Teddy's Rescue

I have been working with two women painting illustrations about a Lab for a childrens book they have written. Very exciting. One of the women, Mary Ellen, emailed me and told me about a no-kill shelter she was involved with. You can read about Teddy's Rescue here: This worked better for me than www.Teddy'

So please come by and see the different dogs painted here. If you would like a commission done of your pet email me and I will send you a price list. Thanks, Sheila